Vection Technologies acquires JMC Group

2021-06-15T11:37:09+02:0015 June 2021|Digital Twin & Virtual Reality, Press release|

Vection Technologies acquires JMC Group. JMC Group is specialized in the development of vertical high-end computing solutions (Dell Technologies Platinum Partner). JMC Group also owns the JTotem brand, which offers "Made in Italy" AI kiosks in the Safety & Digital Communication field and which will become portfolio solutions on a global also through the network of Vection Technologies companies. The Innovation Center of JMC Group, located in the HQ in Milan (Cassano D'Adda), will strengthen the focus on Corporate Digital Twin methodologies with the help of Virtual Reality.

Toshiba and JMC Group, partners for the Corporate Digital Twin, Artificial Intelligence and AI Kiosk

2021-05-31T15:17:43+02:0027 May 2021|Press release|

JMC Group recognizes in the market positioning of Toshiba and its network dealer, the ideal partner for delivering the technologies of the Corporate Digital Twin to the markets and industries that are more oriented towards innovation. Toshiba Tec Corporation is a leading provider of information technology products with many applications in the industrial, logistics, commercial, healthcare and services sectors.

JTotems in the Liguria Region

2021-03-23T11:53:49+01:0022 March 2021|Senza categoria|

From Saturday, February 13th, citizens and tourists will be able to use the two interactive JTotems at Doge's Palace in Genoa and at IAT Alassio through the Visitor XPerience platform developed by our partner Fabbrica Digitale. The CITYKiosk solution (JTotem with Xuniplay Visitor XPerience platform) is ideal for Municipalities that wish to have an interactive and easily integrated system to promote the territory and enhance the digital signage.

JTotem: ready-to-use solutions

2021-03-23T11:52:24+01:0022 March 2021|Senza categoria|

Thanks to the collaboration with Fabbrica Digitale and HRC, JMC Group has developed two ready-to-use solutions: CITYkiosk - specifically designed for tourism, citizens and the enhancement of local businesses - and JTotem Safe Reception - ideal for effectively managing the access flow in the public and private sectors. CITYkiosk is the tailor-made solution for cities, municipalities, regions and tour operators that wish to have an interactive and easily integrated system to promote their territory. The software developed by HRC allows companies and public bodies to use our kiosks for several purposes: measuring the body temperature of users, checking face masks are worn properly, offering a self-check-in/check-out service and monitoring the flow of people.

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