On Monday, February 15th, 2021, the Politecnico University of Milan and JMC Group launched the contest “Passion in Action: prototyping with Big Data”.

16 of the best students from the Master’s Degree courses in design at Politecnico of Milan have been selected to take part in a one-week contest.

DesAI is the name of the research project coordinated by Professor Marzia Mortati, researcher Xue Pei and graduand Federico Crippa. As the name DesAI, Design and Artificial Intelligence, suggests, the study aims at discovering how designers use Big and Thick Data during their design processes.

The goal of the assigned project brief is to develop innovative ideas about the JTotem Kiosk line and the related customer experience.

JMC Group provided the students with a package of quantitative and qualitative data (called Big and Thick Data) about the JTotem project. Students were divided into teams with expertise of product and service design, communication and digital interaction.

This new approach to the world of design may seem very theoretical or abstract, yet it allowed students to take on a new challenge that led them to develop tangible and innovative outputs for JMC Group.

Nicola Vargiu, Linda Betelli and Elisabetta Carrara, from the Innovation Center team, guided and supported the students throughout the activities of the week.

We would like to thank the Politecnico of Milan and, in particular, Professor Marzia Mortati for the opportunity given to JMC Group to come into direct contact with this world-class University.

Thanks to the participants for their hard work and innovative visions exchanged with the Company. Airoldi Sara, Allegrini Chiara, Atariani Meherdad, Bassi Federico, Bonaldo Ludovica, Cerretti Chiara, Figueroa Mildred, Finardi Marco Andrea, Macchi Davide, Dos Santos Rangel Julia, Manzoni Elisa, Martinez Tatiana, Migliorini Virginia, Orizio Alessia, Piacentini Giorgia, Samson Dumitru; in addition to an important prize for the winning group, one of these students will be chosen to join the JMC Group Innovation Center.