May 27, 2021

Toshiba Tec Italy and JMC Group sign a collaboration agreement for the commercial proposition of:

  • Corporate Digital Twin and Virtual Reality
  • Solutions and services solutions based on Artificial Intelligence technology
  • AI Kiosk and Digital Communication systems

JMC Group recognizes in the market positioning of Toshiba and its network dealer, the ideal partner for delivering the technologies of the Corporate Digital Twin to the markets and industries that are more  oriented towards innovation.

The collaboration between the two companies is part of a vision that sees Toshiba Tec Italy the consolidated supplier and expert of the value chain of companies and can support them for the introduction of the innovative technologies of JMC Group in a fast and efficient way in order to anticipate the trends of digital transformation and innovation . In this way, customers will find in Toshiba Tec and his dealer the right reference for the continuity and innovation of Industry 4.0.

Download Toshiba catalog with JMC Group solutions – JMC_Group_Toshiba_Catalogue

About Toshiba:

Toshiba Tec Corporation is part of the Toshiba Group, is a world leader in innovative technology and is active in various sectors. Toshiba Tec Corporation is a leading provider of information technology products with many applications in the industrial, logistics, commercial, healthcare and services sectors. Headquartered in Japan and over 80 subsidiaries worldwide, Toshiba Tec Corporation helps organizations transform the way they create, record, share, manage and display information.

Toshiba Tec Italia Imaging Systems S.p.A. deals with multifunction printers and effective software solutions for document management. The range of products is completed by printers for labels and barcodes suitable for industrial, logistics, healthcare and retail applications.

About JMC:

JMC Group operates internationally in the ICT market and is specialized in the design of highly innovative solutions. He operates in his Innovation Center in Milan using the latest Virtual Reality technologies for the Digital Twin and Artificial Intelligence. The company proposes itself as a “Technology Designer” as it deals with technology from the design, starting from the needs of customers, and solving them with a look to the future (future ready). The JMC Group includes Xinntex, a company specialized in the Media Content Delivery segment and Jtotem for innovative solutions in the digital communication market, own production and intellectual property based on AI kiosks with a high technological content and completely Made in Italy.