June 15th, 2021 – Vection Technologies acquires JMC Group. The Sydney-listed company on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX: VR1) technology list has begun the process of acquiring JMC Group which will be completed in the coming months. JMC Group will continue the business plan already in place in a synergistic way to the new context and joining the other companies of the group, Vection Health, Mindesk (USA and Italy), Blank Canvas and Vection subsidiaries (Australia, USA, Italy, India).
JMC Group is specialized in the development of vertical high-end computing solutions (Dell Technologies Platinum Partner) and integrates seamlessly into the new team where it will contribute and elevate the solutions of Corporate Digital Twin, Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality, which are the core propositions of Vection Technologies.
JMC Group also owns the JTotem brand, which offers “Made in Italy” AI kiosks in the Safety & Digital Communication field and which will become portfolio solutions worldwide, also through the network of Vection Technologies companies.
The Innovation Center of JMC Group, located in the HQ in Milan (Cassano D’Adda),  will strengthen the focus on Corporate Digital Twin methodologies with the help of Virtual Reality. There are design and modeling consulting services collected in VR4U that can help companies to speed up technology acquisition. In the Innovation Center, the R&D team will continue the continuous develop of evolution of the AI kiosk portfolio. The acquisition of JMC Group follows the one of Blank Canvas for the Real Estate market and it is the second step in an expansion path with a global vision. The focus is the interaction between the hardware infrastructure layer with the most innovative technologies – Digital Interaction Communication and Immersive Collaboration – that are among the foundations of Digital Transformation.
This development strengthens the strategicity of JMC Group’s cluster of AI technologies in its portfolio. Thanks to the very strong partnership with ASC27, in Rome, the Competence Center for the state-of-the-art development of AI Vision, AI Text, AI Empath and AI Cyber super-modules are based, which suitably combined create Compute Vision Analisys, Predictive Forecasting and Cyber Security solutions.
The completeness of the portfolio of highly innovative solutions allowed JMC Group, before being appointed PMI Innovativa (March 2021) and subsequently selected by the “Sistema Camerale Lombardo”  as a leading Italian provider of ” Impresa 4.0″ for services and technologies (May 2021).

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